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Ep: MSM.DE94 – Ten Doubts




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Sound: Audio
Artist: MSM.DE94
Genres: South African Music
year: 2021
Size: 5.01
One of the top hiphop artists of South Africa “MSM.DE94” gifts us with an album titled “Ten Doubts”.

Melody is soulfilling accepted by the soul as it’s food, it can heal and limit the stress each day brings. Music is Life and a Lifestyle, Without music, life would be a mistake, Music is the shorthand of emotion.

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Melody can change the world because it conveys in different languages to different people.

Tracklist Below;

  1. MSM.DE94 – Ten Doubts (Original Mix) || MP3 Download
  2. MSM.DE94 – Alcoholic Hood (Original Mix) || MP3 Download
  3. MSM.DE94 – Death Star (Original Mix) || MP3 Download

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