Drake’s new project “D.L.D.T” At Risk Of Not Debuting At No. 1

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Drake’s new project, (Dark Lane Demo Tapes) may get destroyed by nation hotshot Kenny Chesney’s new collection “Here and Now” for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Drake’s new project, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, might not be appearing at No. 1, if nation whiz Kenny Chesney beats him for the top spot with his new collection, Here and Now.

“At the point when Drake dropped his new tape at 12 PM on Friday, it was, generally, a shock.

“Despite the fact that there were murmurs of another Drake venture dropping the day preceding, he had placed in zero promotion work for DLDT, which is included both recently discharged or spilled tracks, and some new, at no other time heard joints. The official numbers will be in one week from now, however while Drake is quite often a shoe-in for a No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 diagram, he is very brave rivalry this time as a veteran nation artist.

As indicated by a report from HitsDailyDouble on Saturday (May second), Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tapes is anticipated to move between 230,000 to 255,000 comparable collection units, while Kenny Chesney’s required to round up 220,000 to 235,000 with his new collection, Here and Now.

“These lacking elbow room imply that Drizzy is in danger of neglecting to top the diagrams if Kenny does extraordinarily well, and those blue grass music fans are tenacious. Truth be told, an incredible 210-220k of the Tennessee craftsman’s units are from unadulterated collection deals.

On the off chance that Drake ends up losing to Mr. Chesney, that would break his undefeated dash of No. 1 performance makes a big appearance so far. As called attention to by XXL, each and every independent Drake venture since 2009’s So Far Gone, alongside his 2015 joint mixtape with Future, What A Time To Be Alive, as of not long ago has appeared in the top spot.

“The official outcomes will be declared one week from now, so fingers crossed for hip bounce fans that Drake ends up as the winner.

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