Ed Sheeran spend £500k on a heart-shaped swimming pool (Photos)


Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill

Ed Sheeran £500k  heart shaped swimming pool (Photos)

The internet has been buzzing due to the report  that Ed Sheeran, spent a huge amount of money as Half a Million pounds on a heart shaped swimming pool.

“East Suffolk council gave permission for the jetty and steps after they were “to enable access to the pond in the event of maintenance and emergency.

 “Sheeran’s neighbors are convinced they are for a swimming pool, however, and have written to planning officials to complain. One, Tony Robinson, said”

“I believe that the development of the site is more about creating an environment for a ‘wild lifestyle’ rather than the actual ‘wild life’.);

“Kenny and Carol Cattee, who have complained previously about loud music on the estate, said: “The so-called wildlife pond would now appear to be more like a swimming pool, which is somewhat different from the application.”

“The jetty and steps were added by Gartenart, a company that calls itself “the UK’s leading swimming pond and natural swimming pool provider.* Last year, it was revealed that Sheeran, who has an estimated fortune of £40 million, extended his Suffolk estate by buying two more large houses in the local village.

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