Prince Kaybee responds to claims that House music has been watered down


Prince Kaybee spills out anger at a Twitter user’s claim that House music isn’t what it used to be back in the days.

Being a House music producer and DJ, he didn’t find it funny and even trolled the tweep. If we are to be honest, House music of today will never be the same as during the times of Bojo Mujo, Dj Clock, Dj Cleo and Dj Fresh.

The bar is way too low these todays. Who remembers those days when everyone was bo majivane?” Twitter user says.

In response, the DJ says the times have to be different, and if the tweep so wants to keep flexing records from DJ Fresh’s time, then he should redownload it. Why would we want it to be the same, if you want old stuff its there by iTunes. If you have downloaded it delete and download again.”